Since beginning humans are crossing the limits of their capabilities by performing stunts of various types. You might have seen dangerous stunts in the movies but some people perform them live to make it more exciting. Though these stunts are performed in various ways by using various things from drawing boards to organized sports but there always existed the risk of life and death. Most difficult and dangerous stunt ever performed is briefly described here under for your consideration.

Tightrope walk of Philippe Petit between twin towers

In 1974 a French tightrope walker, Philippe Petit surprised the world by walking on tightrope in New York City between the twin towers of World Trade centre. He along with his team shot a finishing line by using bow and arrow from southern tower to northern tower. They were able to setup heavy cable required to walk on after passing back and forth the larger lines. In order to achieve this amazing target Petit used various tricks, which were certainly unlawful. Though after completing the walk he was arrested but ultimately he was freed by dropping the charges.

Motorcycle jumps of Evel Knievel

In 1960s and 1970s, Robert Craig Knievel also known as Evel Knievel was considered as one of the most courageous motorcycle stuntmen of the world. He also had the honour of achieving world record of most broken bones, 433, in his lifetime. He once wanted to jump the Grand Canyon but changed his mind to jump Snake River Canyon due to non-availability of government permission. The crashes of Evel are equally memorable like his successes as he took heavy toll while jumping cars and busses. He got this fame at the cost of countless trips to hospitals and a coma.

Without parachute skydives of Gary Connery

Gary Connery was known as a person who had dived out of a helicopter without a parachute. He glided for some time and fell up to 2,400 feet before crash landing on landing strip prepared by organising over 18,000 boxes made of cardboard.

Stagecoach jump of Yakima Canutt

In 1939 in the film ‘Stagecoach’ a seasoned stuntman and rodeo rider, Yakima Canutt, completed one of the most iconic stunts ever performed in movies. He jumped from one horse to the other to drop down ultimately to allow the stagecoach pass over him without crushing him.

The Human Spider, Alain Robert

Alain Robert, a French man, was called ‘The Human Spider’ by the media and his fans, because of his love to really climb on the high vertical things. He used to climb on anything without bothering about a rope for his safety. He has climbed on a number of man made structures including the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Taipei 101 in Taiwan and the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia along with many others. However he was also arrested many times as most of these climbs were illegal. But none of his arrests has discouraged him from climbing higher and higher every time.

This discussion of the most difficult and scary stunt ever performed is enough to excite you to at least watch some of them, even if you cannot perform them.

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Some of the most difficult stunts