If you are a dare- devil attracted to danger as well as spectacle and do not usually mind carrying out physically rigorous activities, perhaps the best career that will suit you is becoming a stuntman. Basically, no special educational requirements are needed for one to become a stuntman. However, for you to qualify in this career, you must be physically fit and be ready to be accustomed to rigorous activities. Be informed that the more dangerous you’ll be as a stunt, the more you will get paid. This write- up will give you tips on how to find jobs as stuntman.


Tips on How to Get Jobs as a Stuntman: What you Need to Know


Tip# 1: Developing the Necessary Skills:-


If you are a rock climber, gymnast or martial artist, securing a job as a stuntman can be easy. However, they are other skills that you must posses for you to be considered qualified to be called a stuntman. Some of the skills you must posses include;


* Knowing how to Fight:-


This includes being knowledgeable and skilled in martial art, boxing or combat.


* Being a Pro Rider or Driver:-


This involve possessing high- level skills as a precision driver of motorcycles or cars.


* Agility and Strength Skills:-


Possessing superior gymnastic or rock- climbing skills can greatly boost your attempt of becoming a stuntman also.


* Water Skills:-


This involve being skilled in underwater stunts or scuba diving.


Tip# 2: Having a Mentor:-


Finding a mentor is also an ideal way of increasing your likelihood of securing a job as a stunt. Find the different stuntmen you know and seek advice from them on how you can improve your skills and be able to secure a job as a stunt.


Tip# 3: Building your Resume:-


Despite the fact that being a stunt will require you to be physically fit, you should treat this career just like the others. Generally, curriculum vitae is crucial to assisting the individuals who’re hiring people to figure out if you are good enough to be hired as a stunt. Some of the essential elements you should include in your CV include:


* Your weight, height, size as well as other important physical requirements


* Your union affiliation


* Film and television credits


* A list of special abilities or skills, such as martial arts, boxing, scuba diving or rock climbing


Tip# 4: Joining a Union:-


In your attempt to become a stunt, you must ensure that you join any recognizable union in your area dealing with stuntmen. This will give you a go ahead of being legally hired to perform in television, music videos or films.


Tip# 5: Being Patient:-


Since being a stunt is an extremely difficult business to penetrate into, most especially if you do not have connections, it is ideal that you be patient. However, always ensure that you meet other people who have successfully managed to secure jobs as stuntmen so that they can advice and guard you appropriately about this profession.


Last, but definitely not the least, ensure that you’ re always physically strong by carrying out the different workouts required for one to become a professional stuntman, stay positive and focused if you want to be successful in the long run.




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How to Get a Job as a Stuntman