With the amazing performances, popular Hollywood stuntmen have attracted the hearts and mind’s eye of millions of filmgoers and TV connoisseurs, adults and kids alike. Generally remaining nameless and faceless, these dazzling acrobats rarely get the limelight for or the proper recognition of the courageous feats. Breathtaking falls and terrible scenes in that the stuntmen are fixed afire by a burning inferno are simply some of the spine irritation stunts done by these types’ talented Hollywood artists. Performing risky fight scenes is the stuntman specialty.


From hand to hand combat to diving off a cliff, stuntmen rarely flinch while experienced with risky situations. These men may be known as adrenaline junkies, the precision, fearlessness and athleticism needed of these persons cannot be rejected. They are really artists and creators and most of their ideas altered the method stunts are done now. The history of stuntmen in Hollywood helps to do this. Ekin is most popular for the bold motorcycle jump on a barbed fine fence, film called the great escape. It was the first job of ekins and is regarded as the most popular stunt.

King of pilot:

Ekin is also famous for the high speed chase by San Francisco in the film called Bullitt in that movie he drove a ford mustang FT. He was the stunt double in these movies for Steve Mcqueen. Other films are earthquake; diamonds are forever, the blue brothers and the towering inferno. Mantz is popular and remembered as a film stunt pilot. Paul mantz has been considered as the best pilot Hollywood and king of the pilots in Hollywood industry. He was audacious and would do stunts which others refused to perform. The thing which makes mantz extraordinary from his colleagues was his proper planning. He possesses the skill to fly a plane by or under materials which was considered to be hard.

Realistic techniques:

But he was killed at the time of shooting the flight of phoenix while his plane strikes the desert floor and broke. His movies are air mail, the galloping ghost, the fight of the phoenix and the bride came C.O.D. Canutt is another stuntmen appeared in several silent westerns. He has been known as most renowned stuntmen in the Hollywood field. He is considered as a pioneer in the field. Yakima Canutt is more famous for the chariot race in the Ben hur film. He is popular for the daring and risky stunts including covered wagon races and cattle stampedes. Canutt performed to create fight scene look highly realistic and several of these tricks are still availed on these days.

Oscar award:

He appeared in films like stage coach, riders of the dawn, and the shadow of the eagle and the code of the outlaw. There are large numbers of popular Hollywood stuntmen whose creative and innovative thinking altered the face of the film field. There is no Oscar award for this work, the reason provided for this is from not needs to eliminate the illusion and anonymity from stunt job to the academy’s interest to trim awards and cut down the Oscar functions instead of including more. But in the year 1967, yakin canutt was given the award for his stunt career.

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History of Stuntmen in Hollywood