History of Stuntmen in Hollywood

With the amazing performances, popular Hollywood stuntmen have attracted the hearts and mind’s eye of millions of filmgoers and TV connoisseurs, adults and kids alike. Generally remaining nameless and faceless, these dazzling acrobats rarely get the limelight for or the proper recognition of the courageous feats. Breathtaking falls and terrible scenes in that the stuntmen are fixed afire by a burning inferno are simply some of the spine irritation stunts done by these types’ talented Hollywood artists. Performing risky fight scenes is the stuntman specialty.


From hand to hand combat to diving off a cliff, stuntmen rarely flinch while experienced with risky situations. These men may be known as adrenaline junkies, the precision, fearlessness and athleticism needed of these persons cannot be rejected. They are really artists and creators and most of their ideas altered the method stunts are done now. The history of stuntmen in Hollywood helps to do this. Ekin is most popular for the bold motorcycle jump on a barbed fine fence, film called the great escape. It was the first job of ekins and is regarded as the most popular stunt.

King of pilot:

Ekin is also famous for the high speed chase by San Francisco in the film called Bullitt in that movie he drove a ford mustang FT. He was the stunt double in these movies for Steve Mcqueen. Other films are earthquake; diamonds are forever, the blue brothers and the towering inferno. Mantz is popular and remembered as a film stunt pilot. Paul mantz has been considered as the best pilot Hollywood and king of the pilots in Hollywood industry. He was audacious and would do stunts which others refused to perform. The thing which makes mantz extraordinary from his colleagues was his proper planning. He possesses the skill to fly a plane by or under materials which was considered to be hard.

Realistic techniques:

But he was killed at the time of shooting the flight of phoenix while his plane strikes the desert floor and broke. His movies are air mail, the galloping ghost, the fight of the phoenix and the bride came C.O.D. Canutt is another stuntmen appeared in several silent westerns. He has been known as most renowned stuntmen in the Hollywood field. He is considered as a pioneer in the field. Yakima Canutt is more famous for the chariot race in the Ben hur film. He is popular for the daring and risky stunts including covered wagon races and cattle stampedes. Canutt performed to create fight scene look highly realistic and several of these tricks are still availed on these days.

Oscar award:

He appeared in films like stage coach, riders of the dawn, and the shadow of the eagle and the code of the outlaw. There are large numbers of popular Hollywood stuntmen whose creative and innovative thinking altered the face of the film field. There is no Oscar award for this work, the reason provided for this is from not needs to eliminate the illusion and anonymity from stunt job to the academy’s interest to trim awards and cut down the Oscar functions instead of including more. But in the year 1967, yakin canutt was given the award for his stunt career.

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How to Get a Job as a Stuntman

If you are a dare- devil attracted to danger as well as spectacle and do not usually mind carrying out physically rigorous activities, perhaps the best career that will suit you is becoming a stuntman. Basically, no special educational requirements are needed for one to become a stuntman. However, for you to qualify in this career, you must be physically fit and be ready to be accustomed to rigorous activities. Be informed that the more dangerous you’ll be as a stunt, the more you will get paid. This write- up will give you tips on how to find jobs as stuntman.


Tips on How to Get Jobs as a Stuntman: What you Need to Know


Tip# 1: Developing the Necessary Skills:-


If you are a rock climber, gymnast or martial artist, securing a job as a stuntman can be easy. However, they are other skills that you must posses for you to be considered qualified to be called a stuntman. Some of the skills you must posses include;


* Knowing how to Fight:-


This includes being knowledgeable and skilled in martial art, boxing or combat.


* Being a Pro Rider or Driver:-


This involve possessing high- level skills as a precision driver of motorcycles or cars.


* Agility and Strength Skills:-


Possessing superior gymnastic or rock- climbing skills can greatly boost your attempt of becoming a stuntman also.


* Water Skills:-


This involve being skilled in underwater stunts or scuba diving.


Tip# 2: Having a Mentor:-


Finding a mentor is also an ideal way of increasing your likelihood of securing a job as a stunt. Find the different stuntmen you know and seek advice from them on how you can improve your skills and be able to secure a job as a stunt.


Tip# 3: Building your Resume:-


Despite the fact that being a stunt will require you to be physically fit, you should treat this career just like the others. Generally, curriculum vitae is crucial to assisting the individuals who’re hiring people to figure out if you are good enough to be hired as a stunt. Some of the essential elements you should include in your CV include:


* Your weight, height, size as well as other important physical requirements


* Your union affiliation


* Film and television credits


* A list of special abilities or skills, such as martial arts, boxing, scuba diving or rock climbing


Tip# 4: Joining a Union:-


In your attempt to become a stunt, you must ensure that you join any recognizable union in your area dealing with stuntmen. This will give you a go ahead of being legally hired to perform in television, music videos or films.


Tip# 5: Being Patient:-


Since being a stunt is an extremely difficult business to penetrate into, most especially if you do not have connections, it is ideal that you be patient. However, always ensure that you meet other people who have successfully managed to secure jobs as stuntmen so that they can advice and guard you appropriately about this profession.


Last, but definitely not the least, ensure that you’ re always physically strong by carrying out the different workouts required for one to become a professional stuntman, stay positive and focused if you want to be successful in the long run.




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Training to be a Stuntman

Stunt training generally takes the most talented stunt professionals 5 years to make it into the stunt business; however plenty of men and women who have all the athletic talent it takes to be among the best stunt people in the world may pursue a stunt career for 10 years, unable to ever quit their day job. It is also important to train with other stunt people and train like it is your job

Stunt training is very serious and should be supervised by a qualified stunt coordinator. Stunt driving, fights, high waterfalls are experts in specific skills like riding a bike stunt training . This professional stunt performer receives years of training in this skill. It is a few weeks of training, the actors seem to be capable to get the same skills or talents would be meaningless. The Stuntman Training director is to give more coverage to a particular performer for getting familiar with the sequence of actions is good. Its action all the time to supervise a stunt co-coordinator supervised by a stunt double on the set is always best to have.

Training is not cheap. The camera is a need for a special skill to set up a training program for a stunt co-ordination takes time and money. There is talent on require for the training of trainers in this stunt. Maintenance is expensive and for people that are not familiar with the equipment is damaged. At that time in our lives, we do not know the first thing about at all kind of stunt work, so in our minds it was a silly pipe dream. So we joined the crew of the film business is booming in BC and never looked back. For the next decade or so we have a make-up artist and rigging as well as our respective successors settled in.

Stuntman Training for fights, physical fitness, strength and flexibility of the personal training and fall. This extensive training through proper nutrition and diet can sculpt their bodies. Gerald Butler, Brad Pitt in Fight Club or 300, as seen in the picture, just like a lot of dedication to the film and the character of the audience in the story give an in depth look real. Extensive training to ensure they are capable to assess your subject is important. One that is a strong and flexible body is less likely to have a hit. Fighting our personal trainers can train a lot of talent and acrobatics are disciples. Start your career as a stunt performer and Stuntman Training to practical elements of the course of the three-week stunt. Stage combat, high falls, will learn everything from wiring and fire arms.

This comprehensive training can be seen, but your talents to assist reduce injuries and may have best performances. The sculpture of the body to change our Stuntman Training, weight gain or loss, stunt driving, fighting, consists of wire job and motorcycle training.Enjoy the lifestyle, the struggles, the defeats and the victories. It is all part of the amazing life of a stuntman




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All About Evel Knievel

On November 30, 2007, the legendary motorcycle stunt performer Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel died at the age of 69. Many of you may remember his exploits from the 60’s and 70’s as he jumped his motorcycle over rows of cars, Mack trucks, Greyhound buses, London double-decker buses and the fountains at Cesar’s Fort in Las Vegas in 1968, among many other increasingly spectacular daredevil feats. Often his stunts left him with broken bones and assorted injuries.

Indeed, he is reported to have said, “I’ve broken every bone in my body at least once.”

A Newsweek magazine tribute reported, though, that he had suffered 88 broken bones. He had more than a dozen major surgeries and broken bone repairs to his cranium, pelvis, spokes, neck bones, waist, and shoulders. This never stopped him, though. He appeared on the cover of Newsweek magazine and was the focus of a full-length, semi-autobiographical feature film “Viva Knievel” starring George Hamilton in 1977. One of his last and arguably most publicized stunts was his failed “jump” over the Meander River Gorge in Idaho in 1974. He had to involuntarily give up work in 1980 saying, “he was a mere blemish soft tissue and invasive steel.” But his stunts didn’t finally kill Evel Knievel. In the end, it was complications from Diabetes and Pulmonary Fibrosis that ultimately stole this stunt legend from the world.

But what, you might ask, has any of this got to do with English as a Second or Foreign language? Simply this: A language is inseparably linked to the cultural aspects of the country or countries where it is spoken. Using Content-Based Learning (CBL) then becomes an excellent, highly efficient and interesting way of teaching or learning virtually any foreign language. Evel Knievel and a seemingly endless parade of other celebrities, famous or infamous, historic and notable personalities offer a detailed glimpse into frequently un-taught intricacies of the English language. For example, if you haven’t heard of him, you’re likely either well under 30 or so years old, or do not have English as your first language or grew up in a foreign cultural setting.

Evel Knievel Isn’t Dead

Whenever a famous entertainer, celebrity or historic figure becomes newsworthy, don’t let the opportunity to inspire and involve your learners just pass without you noting something. Instead, use it to probe more profoundly into the social rudiments and language that bred that individual. Then keep an eye as your students slowly start to grow and advance their English or other alien language skills almost as if by mystic.

When you read all about Evel Knievel and most of all about his untimely death as most people may call the death of one of their heroes, don’t you believe it. Evel Knievel isn’t dead. He’s just waiting for you and your learners to make him come alive in their hearts, minds, and imaginations yet again.

In our next segment, “Using Popular Characters and Luminaries in Content-based Learning,” we will eventually end into more depth on using newsworthy celebrities, historic and other famous persons to motivate and engage our English or foreign language learners in and out of the classroom.


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Some of the most difficult stunts

Since beginning humans are crossing the limits of their capabilities by performing stunts of various types. You might have seen dangerous stunts in the movies but some people perform them live to make it more exciting. Though these stunts are performed in various ways by using various things from drawing boards to organized sports but there always existed the risk of life and death. Most difficult and dangerous stunt ever performed is briefly described here under for your consideration.

Tightrope walk of Philippe Petit between twin towers

In 1974 a French tightrope walker, Philippe Petit surprised the world by walking on tightrope in New York City between the twin towers of World Trade centre. He along with his team shot a finishing line by using bow and arrow from southern tower to northern tower. They were able to setup heavy cable required to walk on after passing back and forth the larger lines. In order to achieve this amazing target Petit used various tricks, which were certainly unlawful. Though after completing the walk he was arrested but ultimately he was freed by dropping the charges.

Motorcycle jumps of Evel Knievel

In 1960s and 1970s, Robert Craig Knievel also known as Evel Knievel was considered as one of the most courageous motorcycle stuntmen of the world. He also had the honour of achieving world record of most broken bones, 433, in his lifetime. He once wanted to jump the Grand Canyon but changed his mind to jump Snake River Canyon due to non-availability of government permission. The crashes of Evel are equally memorable like his successes as he took heavy toll while jumping cars and busses. He got this fame at the cost of countless trips to hospitals and a coma.

Without parachute skydives of Gary Connery

Gary Connery was known as a person who had dived out of a helicopter without a parachute. He glided for some time and fell up to 2,400 feet before crash landing on landing strip prepared by organising over 18,000 boxes made of cardboard.

Stagecoach jump of Yakima Canutt

In 1939 in the film ‘Stagecoach’ a seasoned stuntman and rodeo rider, Yakima Canutt, completed one of the most iconic stunts ever performed in movies. He jumped from one horse to the other to drop down ultimately to allow the stagecoach pass over him without crushing him.

The Human Spider, Alain Robert

Alain Robert, a French man, was called ‘The Human Spider’ by the media and his fans, because of his love to really climb on the high vertical things. He used to climb on anything without bothering about a rope for his safety. He has climbed on a number of man made structures including the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Taipei 101 in Taiwan and the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia along with many others. However he was also arrested many times as most of these climbs were illegal. But none of his arrests has discouraged him from climbing higher and higher every time.

This discussion of the most difficult and scary stunt ever performed is enough to excite you to at least watch some of them, even if you cannot perform them.

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